Narcolepsy, Sleeping Giant, With Sarah Suzuki

Today we welcome Sarah Suzuki to iBehaviorCoach Radio to talk to us a little about narcolepsy.  Now, we all know what we think this disorder is but as Sarah tells us there is a lot more to it than uncontrollable episodes of sleep that have been perpetuated by pop-culture.  Sarah really opens up about her diagnosis and really goes in depth into her experience dealing with this issues.


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One thought on “Narcolepsy, Sleeping Giant, With Sarah Suzuki”

  1. Thank you Ms. Suzuki for having the courage to speak out for those of us who struggle everyday with Narcolepsy. It has taken me over 35 years to have the strength to tell people my story. I have really struggled with the shame that I feel in relation to my symptoms. Recently I ‘came out’ to a group of women at my Yoga class, (because I had Sleep Paralysis during a class), and was angry at myself for being so embarrassed. I am working on changing that script in my head, and your podcast encouraged me that I am on the right track. Well done!

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