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Matt Lawson

My name is Matt Lawson, I am a Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

Matt Lawson created iBehaviorCoach as an online service that would provide a community and resources for individuals looking to live healthier lifestyle. IBC is a Chicago based, online practice that has been in operation since January of 2012.

Matt is a multiple disciplined practitioner that draws from close to two decades of work in the health and fitness industry. Along with being a licensed mental health therapist with a master’s degree in clinical counseling he also is a certified personal trainer. He has has leveraged this knowledge and experience to help hundreds of individuals lead healthier lives.

iBehaviorCoach is an online resource for people that want to make healthy living a priority in their lives and are looking for support to make that happen.Along with offering free informationand interviews with an eclectic group of experts through the blog and podcast, I offer support services.

My 12 week program, “Oh Behave

My signature 12 week program, “Oh Behave,” provides the foundational information you need to really launch your healthy living journey. With this you will receive weekly module that focus on specific topics and strategies that I have found to be an integral part of any healthy lifestyle.This is all delivered through a gamified format that provides a fun and inspiring format that is just fun.

Coaching and Counseling services

I also provide both coaching and counseling services online for people that are looking for support without a long-term commitment. While the counseling services are limited to Illinois residences only the coaching I provide can be utilized by anyone.

I look forward to meeting and working with you, contact me when you are really ready to make some significant improvements to your life.

My Experience

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My clients – people are diverse,
but one thing unites all: an active position in life.

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